Aquatic challenge courses make swimming pools exciting

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Fun, action and fitness for young & old and big & small.

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AquaCross – the ropes course for swimming pools

AquaCrossAquaCross is the ropes course for swimming pools. With no safety protection required and no risk, AquaCross offers all the more fun for everyone at your facility. Set up and dismantled within 20 seconds, turn your swimming pool into an on-demand aquatic adventure land.
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AquaCross makes swimming exciting

While water slides can also be used by non-swimmers, AquaCross offers a high incentive for children and adolescents to improve their skills in the water.

What is AquaCross?

AquaCross is a course consisting of obstacles with a range of difficulty – above, below and on the water. Up to 12 visitors, both the young and the young-at-heart, can enjoy the various elements simultaneously.

NinjaCross – welcome to a new arena in aquatics

NinjaCrossWith NinjaCross you can transform your swimming pool into an event-worthy arena. A wide variety of exciting events can be held, from children’s birthday parties to school sports and NinjaCross competitions. This allows for entirely new marketing opportunities for your aquatic facilities. Watch video



An award-winning world first

The world’s first NinjaCross systems have been installed this year. Join us, as this new sensation takes over pools everywhere. In 2020, NinjaCross was awarded the Leading Edge Award by the World Waterpark Association. You’ll be surprised how affordable a NinjaCross system can be for your swimming venue.

Get Ninja Warriors for your pool

NinjaCross was inspired by Ninja Warrior, whose contestants bravely tackle all kinds of obstacles in order to complete the challenge as quickly as possible.

With its appealing design and integrated time tracking system, NinjaCross transforms your swimming pool into a perfect competition arena.

More inspiration can be found on the English-language website

Get ready for the next fitness trend

AquaCross and NinjaCross can do so much more. With the appropriate ceiling height, your staff can quickly and easily turn the system into a water-based gym. HIT and water-based calisthenics, regular classes and membership subscriptions – we will help you generate new revenue streams.

Training Aqua-Fitness

AquaCross and NinjaCross worldwide. Click here for international distributors.

Get inspired by existing courses and the variety of possible AquaCross elements.

Opinions of users and operators

It’s great and so much fun, but it’s also quite exhausting.


Age 11

It’s so much fun! The first time I tried it, I was still a bit insecure, but then you quickly develop a technique that you can use to get over the obstacles.


Age 17

It’s like Ninja Warriors for everyone, so cool.


Age 16

AquaCross has significantly increased the appeal of the facilities at Schenkenseebad in Schwäbisch Hall.
With it’s great value for money, I can definitely recommend AquaCross.

Jens Miermeister

Head of the Baths Department in Schwäbisch Hall

Competitive activities at the pool primarily attract individuals with a background in aquatic sports. NinjaCross opens the facilities to a completely new audience who would not usually have a reason to go to the pool.
NinjaCross is physical, challenging, fun to do, fun to watch, and has a learning curve that makes you want to do it again.

Steve Crocker

Former world record holder and Director of Sports Swimming at Water Technology Inc., USA

Questions about AquaCross and NinjaCross

Is your question not listed? We will be pleased to answer any further questions you may have in a personal conversation.

What is the difference between AquaCross and NinjaCross?

In addition to the great entertainment factor, both systems also offer extensive possibilities for everyday operations. Only the visual presentation, the competitive idea and the associated marketing possibilities differentiate the two systems.

AquaCross is a visually unobtrusive, discreet system, which blends in well with the overall building complex and is barely noticeable in its retracted state. NinjaCross on the other hand dominates the room in a colourful and action-packed way. Banners, large logos, screens, time-tracking systems and online leader-boards complete the overall impression.

We will be happy to help you choose the right system for your individual needs and venue.

How safe are AquaCross and NinjaCross courses?

Our systems have been in operation since 2010. All courses are tailored to the available space and include a detailed operating and safety manual. All courses are subject to extensive safety and static testing. In particular, the systems are complying with DIN EN 1167 “playground equipment”, DIN 18034 “playgrounds and open spaces for playing” and DIN 13451 “swimming pool equipment”. The installation of AquaCross and NinjaCross is carried out in accordance with the regulations on accident prevention, the machinery directive and the material quality guidelines for public baths. We have excellent references, which we are happy to share with you. Upon request, we can also offer an additional external inspection by an independent testing agency, such as TÜV.

Can Aquacross and Ninjacross be installed in any pool?
We offer solutions for indoor and outdoor areas, for ceilings made of wood, concrete or steel, as well as for different water depths. In combination with other water entertainment elements, we can offer the ideal solution for almost any setting. Contact us and let us evaluate pictures and plans of your swimming pool to find the best option for you.
What are the standard dimensions of such an installation?
A system with 2 identical tracks, with 6 elements, requires 3 lanes of 25m length and 2.5m width (incl. fall protection at the edge of the pool).
What is the minimum pool depth required?
The minimum depth depends on the elements. The higher the elements are hung, the deeper the water needs to be. For the lowest elements, a water depth of 0.9 metres is sufficient. From 1.8 metres depth onwards, all obstacles are possible. We adapt the system specifically to your water depth.

How are Aquacross and Ninjacross installed?

Following static calculations and using a special framework of steel beams and glue-laminated girders, the systems are fixed to the ceiling of your swimming pool. There is also an especially designed construction for use outdoors and weak roofs.

Do I have to modify my swimming pool?
No, normally the Aquacross system can be integrated into the existing structure without any problems.
Can normal swimmers still use my swimming pool while the Aquacross system is being used?
Yes, only 3 lanes are needed. All other lanes can be used normally at the same time.
Can the Aquacross and Ninjacross courses be changed after installation?
Yes, elements can be added, replaced and changed again and again. This way you will keep your Aquacross fresh and exciting for a long period of time. Over time, you will have a pool of different elements, enabling you to continuously reinvent your Aquacross system.
Is an Aquacross system attractive to guests in the long run?
Due to the challenging design of Aquacross, guests will need to practice over multiple runs before they can easily finish the course. This guarantees long-term appeal. In addition, regular tournaments can be held to increase the motivation to keep training. The modular system was designed with interchangeable obstacles that can be easily swapped out. Therefore, you can continually create new courses and challenges with a range of difficulty.
Does ErlebnisAnlagen offer payment plans for Aquacross and Ninjacross systems?
Our Aquacross systems are built to last and thus are a sustainable investment, both ecologically and economically. On request, we can also offer you a payment plan. Compared to a water slide, an Aquacross system is more affordable and offers a much wider spectrum of possible uses.
Do you offer other challenge courses for swimming pools?

Yes, AvatarOne is a zipline that can also provide lots of fun when installed above the water in an indoor pool.

Please contact us. We will find your individual solution.

Do you offer consultations?

We will be pleased to advise on questions such as “which experience is best suited to my objectives, my target audience and my staff, facility and financial situation”. We will be happy to assist you in the concept design, independent of whether you’re choosing to buy one of our systems. We love to turn your ideas into reality.

How is an Aquacross or Ninjacross challenge course deployed?
The suspended element truss is lowered into position using a winch and pulley system. This is done with the help of an electric motor. The push of a button is enough to deploy or retract the entire system in seconds.
Do you provide briefings on how to use the systems?
After installation of the Aquacross course at your pool, your staff will be instructed on how to safely use and operate it. We also provide a detailed operating manual for the supervisory staff.
Who takes care of the maintenance?
We offer a maintenance contract that ensures the regular and necessary safety inspection of the system and complements the in-house maintenance executed by staff members of the pool where necessary. The maintenance interval is once yearly.


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