Climbing with educational value

Climbing is a holistic and healthy type of sport that offers a variety of opportunities to apply pedagogical methods to boost confidence and willingness to take responsibility.

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Recreational fun, simple playtime, physical challenge or guided learning experience – with our ropes courses you can fulfil your goals. The common element of all our different facilities is physical activity, which provides a high incentive and encourages healthy development in children and teenagers. In a consultation, we will help you identify which ropes course best suits your objectives, your budget and the space available to you. On top of that, we also provide the necessary experiential learning equipment.

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Climbing towers

If you have the necessary space, a climbing tower is the perfect choice. Climbing towers provide excellent opportunities for exercise and educational use, even for larger groups, as all sides can be used simultaneously.

Through the experience of height, participants practice concentration, trust and reliability, as well as overcoming fears. This adaptive climbing wall is eligible for funding. Ask us for details.

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Climbing walls

Climbing walls can be designed in a variety of different ways. Height and width vary depending on the available space. Climbing walls designed and built by ErlebnisAnlagen, can be found in schools and sporting venues, on exterior facades, fire escape stairs, as well as indoors. In most cases, the climbing holds are mounted to the wall with a subconstruction. Often it is also possible to attach them directly to the facade. No matter the local conditions, we will find a solution for you.

Bouldering walls

Bouldering walls are climbing walls up to a maximum height of 3 metres, which can be used without rope and harness. Therefore, they are ideal for use in schoolyards, for activity during breaks or on playgrounds to improve body awareness. In physical education, this type of climbing exercise can be used for targeted coordination training.

Freestanding or at fixed anchor points, such as building facades and external staircases, bouldering walls can be installed quickly and with little effort. Together we will find the right solution for your location.

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Operators’ opinions

I would like to thank you once again – from the initial conversations to the conceptualisation and the construction, things couldn’t have gone better.

Furthermore, we’ve only received positive feedback from the users of the climbing tower. This confirms that we had the right partner at our side with ErlebnisAnlagen.

Robert Här

Head of Building Technology, Helios Clinic and Allgäu Resort Bad Grönenbach

The City Youth Committee (STJA) Karlsruhe chose ErlebnisAnlagen to design and build a climbing wall for its adventure playground. We greatly appreciated the expertise, creativity and flexibility during the planning stage. On top of that, they also provided the training of our employees. ErlebnisAnlagen also takes care of regular safety checks. For the STJA, this all-encompassing offer from a single source is a great relief.

Petra Miltz

Head of Administration and Finance at the City Youth Committee (STJA) Karlsruhe

Questions about climbing facilities

Is your question not listed? We will be pleased to answer any further questions you may have in a personal conversation.

What types of climbing walls exist?
Some climbing walls require rope and harness systems for protection. These facilities can only be used under supervision or by experienced climbers.

Then there are bouldering walls which can be used without additional safety measures, up to a height of 3 metres. Here climbing is possible without supervision.

Sport climbing walls can be completely redesigned and rerouted, thanks to a drill-hole grid system that makes it possible to easily swap out elements. Routesetting options are particularly useful to keep seasoned climbers challenged.

Simple children’s climbing walls with fixed routes that cannot be rearranged are primarily intended for occasional use by the same individuals or for a continued stream of new users.

Which supervisory regulations apply to climbing?
In accordance with DIN 12572-1, climbing walls with safety ropes must always be protected from unauthorised use. In outdoor facilities, this can be achieved by a fence or anti-climb protection. Climbers must either certify that they are aware of and complying with the safety regulations and are climbing at their own risk, or qualified supervisors will need to be present.

Bouldering walls may be used unsupervised, if they have suitable landing zones and padding, as stipulated in DIN 12572-2.

Will my staff need special training?
For climbing, instructors must have at least the technical skills for correct securing, but better still the climbing techniques and pedagogical or sport-specific specialist knowledge and experience. While the former is required by insurance law, the other aspects are also highly recommended. On request, we can offer training of your staff specifically tailored to your needs. If the staff doesn’t know how to correctly operate the system, they won’t know how to exploit its full potential. Climbing can be used in a variety of ways for fitness, preventive exercises, therapeutic purposes and for adventure education. Thanks to decades of experience with ZIP team erleben und entwickeln, we are also the perfect partner for training your personnel.
Is maintenance required?
We offer an annual inspection of your system through an external party, in accordance with the corresponding DIN standards. This maintenance is highly recommended for insurance reasons.
Do you also build adaptive climbing walls?
Yes, we have already been involved in a wide range of adaptive projects. From wheelchair access and wall designs for people with motor skill disorders, to embedded abseiling points and counterweight systems to support physically challenged climbers. We look forward to hearing from you.
Do you offer consultations?
We will be pleased to advise on questions such as “which system is best suited to my objectives, my target audience and my staff, facility and financial possibilities”. We will be happy to assist you in the concept design, independent of whether you’re choosing to buy one of our systems. We love turning visions into reality.

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