Ropes courses combine learning with fun

From low ropes courses and playground elements to complete high ropes challenges – we design and build the right ropes course for you.

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Suitable for educational purposes or simply as an entertaining attraction

Recreational fun, simple playtime, physical challenge or guided learning experience – with our ropes courses you can fulfil your goals. The common element of all our different facilities is physical activity, which provides a high incentive and encourages healthy development in children and teenagers. In a consultation, we will help you identify which ropes course best suits your objectives, your budget and the space available to you. On top of that, we also provide the necessary experiential learning equipment.

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Low ropes course or playground?

Our favourite building material is robinia wood. A tree that never grows perfectly straight, with a lot of potential and radiance. Additionally, there are ropes and other connecting elements. Expertly put together, they create playgrounds and low ropes challenges, where children and youngsters can play and develop their skills. Through special challenges designed for adventure learning, they can also develop their abilities to trust, take responsibility or work in a team. With the right adventure education programmes, experiences lead to personal development and growth. Hence, low ropes courses provide a multifaceted environment that can considerably expand the range of your facility.

Thanks to our many years of experience in designing educational recreational facilities, we can offer you the perfect set-up for your target audience. Extensive training of your staff will significantly improve the pedagogical impact.

Do you have a wooded area on your site? Excellent. Let’s see if we can integrate a low ropes course which can be used as both a playground and for outdoor education.

High ropes course

High-wire elements and high ropes courses, which have lately gone slightly out of fashion, offer huge potential for experiential learning for both young people and adults, just as climbing facilities do. The supervision of these facilities requires thoroughly trained instructors.

Individual high-wire elements such as the “Liana-Walk” can be installed in an existing tree population with relatively little effort. If the terrain is larger, they can be extended to a high ropes course.

For open spaces, a high ropes course based on post and beam construction is most suitable. The wooden posts are anchored in concrete foundations with a steel base. The possible combinations of different elements are endless. Height and degree of difficulty are variable.

Adventure education resources

By this, we mean all the equipment we offer for adventure-based learning.

Adventure education professionals require challenge courses of varying complexity for their work. We will deliver everything you need for a customised course to suit your target audience. Need additional cooperation-based challenges for your establishment? We can supply anything you need, from lily pad walks to seesaws, for all the common and lesser common challenges. Would you like to use climbing as an activity-based learning method, but only have trees available? We can supply monkey-climbing sets that turn any tree into a climbing wall. Want to use portable rope systems with your groups? We deliver suitable ropes and mounting parts, as well as the necessary training for your team.

We will provide comprehensive advice. Together we will create a tailor-made solution for you.

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Operators’ opinions


The team at ErlebnisAnlagen did an excellent and professional job repairing and renovating our high ropes course at the SHG Clinic for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics in Kleinblittersdorf/Saarbrücken. For many years now, they have carried out all work and creative extensions to our fullest satisfaction. We greatly appreciate the excellent, reliable and needs-oriented support provided by Mr. Uwe Roth, which is specifically tailored to our unique requirements.


Andrea Dixius

Lead Psychologist at KJP Kleinblittersdorf

The EPA in Karlsruhe has had a very positive experience with the construction and maintenance of our high ropes course. We were able to incorporate our own ideas in the planning process and Mr. Roth had the necessary experience to translate them into reality.

Our adventure park is heavily frequented and there haven’t been any safety-related issues to date. If there was a small thing not working properly, Mr. Roth always arrived quickly at the location to resolve the issue. We are glad to have such a competent and unique partner on site.


René Roser

Facility Manager EPA , AWO Karlsruhe GmbH

Questions about ropes courses

Is your question not listed? We will be pleased to answer any further questions you may have in a personal conversation.


What distinguishes a playground from a low ropes course that can be used for adventure education?

A playground is for pleasure and the joy of movement. A low ropes course can be tied to a specific challenge to promote personal development. The task must be instructed, supervised and evaluated accordingly. Low ropes courses can always also be used as a playground.


What safety requirements do your playgrounds have?

We build all playground facilities according to DIN 1176. Upon request, we can do the acceptance of the course either ourselves or through an external party.


What safety requirements are your low and high ropes courses subject to?

We can build low ropes courses complying with DIN 1176 for openly accessible playgrounds or courses only accessible under the supervision of qualified personnel, complying with DIN 15567. The latter restricts use, but allows more freedom in the technical implementation. We will be happy to advise which concept is the best solution for you. The construction process follows the guidelines of the ERCA (European Ropes Course Association). To ensure the highest possible safety standards, acceptance of our high ropes courses is always carried out by an independent inspector of ERCA.


What types of high ropes courses do you build?

We are specialised in the construction of high ropes adventure courses with educational value, either integrated into existing wooded areas or as artificial facilities, built with wooden poles. Participants help to secure each other under the guidance of your specialist instructors. This means that our high ropes courses are primarily designed for educational purposes. We don’t build adventure parks without any educational purpose. Those types of courses are designed for a high volume of visitors with minimal staff involvement.


What adventure education equipment can you supply?

We deliver all the small and big elements you need for experiential outdoor education. Complementing all the team challenges your trainers love, we supply individual elements such as a seesaw, a swamp, a spider’s web, a Walking A, a trust fall, river boards, as well as transfer tools such as pocket cubes, cheat sheets or complete toolkits. We also offer monkey climbing and climbing equipment.


Do you offer advice and training services?

We have been working with all forms of experiential education challenges and courses since 1999. ErlebnisAnlagen constructs the courses and ZIP-Team erleben und entwickeln runs the training and events on site. We are your ideal partner for the creation of a concept and content programme tailored to your target audience. Benefit from our experience and avoid costly mistakes.


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